How to Buy in Spain was created by foreigners who bought properties in Spain, and so they know the different steps of an acquisition: get the information, find properties and get the help of advisors. The Spanish market is specific, and it is of the utmost importance to have experts on your side on the ground and speaking your language. publish exciting information and tips on the Spanish property market. It’s beneficial for foreigners looking to buy a second home. Have a look at their “must read” paper analysing the reasons why you should invest in Spain! Their mission is to be “the” source of information for foreigners buying houses in Spain. They add value to their network of experts. All the news are in English, and some are translated into French, German, Dutch and of course Spanish.
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Here are of few of their latest NEWS

• What is the real cost of buying your Spanish Property?
• Who are the foreigners buying properties in Spain in 2017?
• The top 10 Spanish cities where foreigners love to buy properties!
• What is the real cost of owning your Spanish property?
• Everything you ever wanted to know about the top 20 Spanish Cities real estate markets
• Which nationalities pay the highest price per m² in Spain?
• Everything you ever wanted to know about the Costa del Sol
• What is the real cost of owning your Spanish property?
• What return have you made on your Spanish Property investment in 2017? And 2018?
• What should you pay attention to when buying a property in Spain?
• Everything you ever wanted to know about the Balearic Islands
• Spain property tax: What are the taxes involved in the purchase, holding, and sale of your Spanish property?

Stay up to date on the residential market prices and activity in Spain
They provide as well complete tables and charts with price evolutions of the Spanish national real estate market and the Spanish regional real estate markets and a comparison of the Spanish Real Estate market vs the international markets. Last but not least have a look at their “Return & mortgage” page for up to date financial analysis on the Spanish Real estate market

They release some useful REPORTS
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• “Our 10 best tips for buying your property in Spain”
• “The cost of Buying your Spanish property.”
• “The annual cost of Owning your property in Spain.”
• “Where do Foreigners buy Real Estate in Spain in 2017?”
• “Financing conditions and Mortgage activity in Spain for 2016?
• “How to get your NIE? Your pass to the real estate market in Spain.”
• “How to get your Mortgage in Spain? How to get the best financial conditions?”

Check their very useful Infographics
• Discover everything you want to know about the Spanish Costas.
• What are the different steps of buying in Spain? Who is the second home buyer in Europe? Who are the foreigners buying real estate in Spain? Where are foreigners buying?…
• They have nice ePostcards as well on ideas for your next city trip in Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga…
• Finally, if you need yearly weather statistics on the 18 biggest cities in Spain: have a go and check if it’s enough sun for you ;). Alicante, Almeria, Barcelona, Bilbao, Cadiz, Castellon, Girona, Ibiza, Las Palmas, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca, Murcia, Sevilla, Tenerife, Valencia, Valladolid, Zaragoza.

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