Property Types

The Orihuela Costa and surrounding areas are truly an international community, there are many international estate agencies and some of the descriptions of property types can vary, therefore in order to help you understand each type we have outlined an overview below;


These are generally in blocks, however there are some Apartments are built as one on the ground floor and another Apartment above. A penthouse apartment will be the top floor and usually the largest with good views.

Bank Repossession

Properties that have come onto the market through a bank where the previous owners have defaulted on their payments. Typically, prices are between 10% – 40% below market value which on occasions can be reflected in the property’s condition. Some banks offer 100% mortgages on these properties.


Our definition would be the property is built on one level, however there are examples of this where the property is over 2 floors. They can be either Detached, Semi-Detached or part of a Quad.


For Commercial use only, however there are some instances where a Residential area is included.

Country Property

This would be described as a property out of a major town and typically in a rural Spanish speaking community.


A duplex is effectively a property that is attached to another, they are typically over 2 floors, however some can be just 1 floor.


An old protected property typically out in the country, these are usually purchased for restoration purposes.

Land & Self-Build

Varies from a small plot of Land to build a single private property on, to a large parcel of Land to construct a whole urbanisation or for construction of a commercial unit. For more detailed information on self-builds click here

New Build

As the name suggests it’s a New Property, however there are names for various stages of the build;

  • Off plan – Means the property is about to be built or is currently under construction, typically a deposit is required followed by stage payments over the course of the build with a final payment on completion.
  • Key Ready – Means the property is built and ready to move in.


This could be a Bungalow, Villa or Duplex and basically means there are 4 of them attached to each other.


Defined as a property that is not new and is being sold.


Applies to Villas and Bungalows, however when used in conjunction with Townhouses it would be referred to as an end of Terrace.


Will typically be a stand-alone house over 2-3 floors sometimes 4 and attached either side by the same type of property unless it is an end of Terrace as outlined above.


We would describe this as a detached or semi-detached house, typically over 2 floors with larger examples often possessing third floor sun terraces and/or a sotano (basement).